Togo: Bureau in Charge of Regulation of Audiovisual Rises Against Obscene Commercials

Source: FSSPX News


The High Authority for Audiovisual and Communication (HAAC) in Togo is protesting  the invasion of obscene images into the audiovisual media. The HAAC is responsible for watching over the contents of the programs broadcasted by the radio and TV channels of the country and is exasperated by immoral commercials. Togolese media are accused of promoting adultery and incest.

At the end of January, the HAAC had a meeting with the leaders of public and private radios and TVs and reminded them that they had to respect morality. Indeed, according to the members of the High Authority, TV screens and the airwaves are invaded by commercials, video clips, soap operas or films which tarnish the image of woman in Togo. Certain commercials show scantily dressed models. Films or soap operas promote adultery, prostitution, violence, and, even worse, incest.

Such pictures are an attack against modesty and an invitation to perversion. To put an end to this, the president of the HAAC, Philip Evegnon, has decided that henceforth it will no longer be possible to broadcast everything on TV. Publicity agencies, producers and broadcasters will have to submit the contents of their programs prior to their broadcasting to a Control Bureau set up by the HAAC. “The regulation will take into account a number of elements, especially morals, the image of woman, and the scenarios,” he said. (Source: Apic)