U.K.: Training for foreign priests

Source: FSSPX News


The first session took place at Ushaw College, a seminary near Durham (Northumberland) in the northeast of England, over a three week period – the end of September- beginning of October – and was aimed at seven priests from India, Nigeria and Poland. The next session is scheduled for May 2008 at Wonersh, near Guildford in the south of England.

“Some foreign priests working in Britain tend to give too much importance to the moral authority of the Church in almost every domain (sic)” declared Terry Drainey the director of Ushaw College, to the ecumenical agency ENI. “This is not what we do here (re-sic). This formation shows how we approach a certain number of questions which concern Catholics, notably, the role of women, divorce, the lay ministry and homosexuality (re-re-sic).”

“We have a professor who comes from the University of Newcastle to help them with colloquialisms and pronunciation”, he said. “I worked in Africa for six years and when I arrived in Kenya, I had to have three month’s training in order to learn more about local languages and culture and I found it very useful.” (Source: Ecumenical News International)