Source: FSSPX News


The Fraternity of St. Josaphat, founded three years ago, gathers Catholic priests of the Slavonic rite(1), who wish to fight for the Tradition of the Church. This community has a seminary and a female religious branch. Priests of the Society St. Pius X provide a large number of courses for the seminarians, who currently are 17. Their superior, Fr. Basil is responsible for two parishes of several thousand faithful.

About a year ago, the persecutions started: one of the priests was suspended from his office and another excommunicated. Several months ago cardinal Husar, head of the Uniate Church in the Ukraine, well-know, for his extreme ecumenism, started an enquiry into the Fraternity. His suspicions were directed at Fr. Basil. However, it must be said that the latter demonstrated a remarkable pugnacity. In his defense, he published a dynamic book, which tells the persecution of the Slavonic tradition in the Ukraine, as well as the story of the defense of Tradition in the Latin-rite Church, by Archbishop Lefebvre and the SSPx, and the action of Bishop De Castro-Mayer and of Bishop Lazo. He vigorously justifies his action by the state of necessity. Furthermore, he organized a day of adoration and atonement in his parish. He asked his parishioners to support him by a collection of signatures. He received 6,300 in the first collection and 1,830 more in the second. The Holy Synod, the highest local authority in the Eastern Churches, united under the presidency of cardinal Husar, came to a decision during the month of November. But so far, it has not been made public.

In anticipation of these difficulties, the Fraternity St. Josaphat had undertaken the construction of a church, dedicated to Christ the King, with a seating capacity of 250, in order to enable the excommunicated priest already expelled from his parish to continue his apostolate. The superior blessed it last October 26, on the feast of Christ the King.

In addition, Bishop Tissier de Mallerais carried out the ordination of the first priest ordained for this Fraternity on November 27. The ceremony took place at the priory in Warsaw.

Finally, in spite of the threats and the conflicts, the Fraternity St. Josaphat is attracting priests who wish to fight the good fight.

Such news are encouraging and give us hope of abundant fruit for this Fraternity.