A unique and historic decision in Argentina

Source: FSSPX News


We have learned that an incredible and completely unexpected decision was just taken by the Argentine judge Cristina Garzón de Lascano: by a judgment made last May 12, the production and sale of 97% of contraceptives and IUDs (Inter-Uterine Devices) have been prohibited due to their abortifacient properties. Abortion is forbidden in Argentina.

A few words of explanation are in order. At the end of 2002, three priests of the Society of St. Pius X founded an association: the March 25 Foundation, one of whose aims is to protect the un-born child from abortion. Last February, this association sued the Ministry of Health, because it authorizes the sale and production of contraception drugs and devices which are known to induce early abortions1. And, through the courage of a federal judge, the unbelievable has happened: the Ministry was condemned and the products of death were rejected and proscribed throughout the country.

Of course it goes without saying that this decision provoked an earthquake among the pro-choice lobbies, the family-planning groups, the pharmaceutical laboratories who made the products and the other sectors of the culture of death. Anathemas rained down on the judge, she is threatened with destitution and insulted, at the same time the association that started the case is called sectarian. The bishops have been alerted, as well as the nuncio, and we anxiously await the announcement of their official position which could prove decisive in the battle which is coming. Of course, there is an appeal against the decision.

This is truly an historic decision, but also a special grace which is given to Argentina. In this its situation of economic and political crisis which has been lasting for two years now, a way is shown to it by God which permitted this completely unexpected victory. If it (Argentina) can seize this hand which Providence has extended to it, it will emerge from this crisis and take its

place once again among the major nations. God wills that it not refuse.

Such a combat can not be won solely by human forces, which is why we are requesting fervent prayers so that the Most Holy Virgin, victorious in all the battles of God, venerated under the title of Our Lady of Lujan, patroness of Argentina, will deign to triumph once again and return hope to her children.

The Documents section contains the press release of the March 25 Foundation made the day after this initial victory.