United Kingdom: 40th anniversary of Abortion Act

Source: FSSPX News


Cardinal Keith O’Brien, President of the Scottish Bishops’ Conference, and Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor, President of the Bishops of England and Wales, spoke up in a letter published on October 22, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Abortion Act of 1967.

“In 1967, ultrasound was a primitive tool. Ultrasound scanners today can reveal in extraordinary detail the development of a human life in the womb. Premature babies are now able to survive at ever younger ages.

Developmental biology makes increasingly clear the beautiful and intricate processes of continuous development and growth of the single unique organism that is formed at conception.” Today Great-Britain is among the European countries which have the most liberal abortion laws “with abortion up to 24 weeks and abortion in the case of disability (and on some other grounds) up to birth.” “The 1967 Act was intended to solve the problem of illegal abortion, on the basis that it was a major cause of death in pregnant women. Yet our countries now perform nearly 200,000 abortions every year… Whatever our religious creed or political conviction, abortion on this scale can only be a source of distress and profound anguish for us all.” The slogan “The woman’s right to choose” “fails to acknowledge the role of the father. It seems to pass over the fact that the majority of men do want to be fathers of their children. If we accept “a woman’s right to choose” as the governing principle of such a profound choice between life and death, then rather than encouraging men to accept responsibility, it can support their denial or avoidance.”

“This is why we believe that abortion is not only a personal choice, it is about the choices our society makes to support women, their partners and families in these situations. If our society makes life its choice then there is no reason why the child, the mother and the father, and indeed the whole family of society cannot grow to fulfill their potential. Abortion robs everyone of their future. Individually and as a society we believe we have another choice: to give birth to life.”

“The Catholic Church offers to participate with others in working for this timely change of heart and mind.”   “The time to take a different path is now.”

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