United Kingdom: An advertising campaign for the “glory of Allah”

Source: FSSPX News

In all the major cities of England, the slogan Subhan Allah (Glory to Allah) has been displayed on 640 red buses since May 23, 2016. Islamic Relief, the largest Islamic NGO in Britain, based in Birmingham, is at the origins of this religious advertising campaign. Its director, Imran Madden, explained in Le Figaro on May 11 that the purpose is to “change the atmosphere around international aid and the Moslem community in this country.”

Christian groups have criticized the campaign, condemning the “double standard” in place since a short video promoting the prayer Our Father was denied authorization for showing in UK cinemas. The video was made by the Anglican confession and it was scheduled to play before showings of Star Wars 7, just before Christmas 2015. The advertisements offices of the three largest cinema chains refused to air the campaign, claiming that it risked “shocking or offending part of the public.” Also quoted in Le Figaro was Andrea William, director of the group Christian Concern, who stated that “if we allow this pro-Islam advertising, we owe Christians more freedom of expression.” The new mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has not spoken publicly on the issue…

(Sources: kipa-apic.ch – Le Figaro – DICI no. 336, 27/05/16)

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