United Nations Summit Aims to Smash Traditional Values

Source: FSSPX News

Summit poster

The United Nations (UN) has organized an education summit calling for educators to be content creators who “teach modern values ​​and remove any influence of parents and traditional cultures in the education of children.”

At the “Education Transformation” Summit, held September 16-19 in New York, the UN proposed a conference calling for the uprooting of what it calls “violent traditional values” and promoting “comprehensive sex education.”

This Summit envisions a global education agenda led by the United Nations bureaucracy in New York. Governments were urged to ensure “progressive universalism in education” through policies aimed at uprooting “entrenched cultural and social norms that stand in the way of inclusion, equity, and equality.”

The summit offers an education transformation agenda by encouraging educators to be the piece that transforms the system from within.

The initiators want education to be “inclusive, equitable, safe, and healthy” and call on governments for “progressive universalism in education, with policies to uproot entrenched cultural and social norms that stand in the way of inclusion, equity, and equality.”

A document that proposes “expanding the role of the teacher from 'knowledge provider' to 'knowledge producer and creator of meaning of complex realities,'” claiming that “modern values ​​should be taught and that all influence of parents and traditional cultures in the upbringing of children should be eliminated.”

On the other hand, UNESCO, through its Director General, Audrey Azolay, has stated that “the main objectives of a 21st century education are to teach children and young people about responses to climate change and to support diversity.”

But most concerning is when they demand that the educator be a content creator who “teaches modern values ​​and removes all parental and cultural influence.”

The secretary general of the summit said: “Legislation and policies are essential to protect rights, promote inclusion, prevent and combat all forms of violence, stigma, discrimination and exclusion.”

Part of the summit was titled: “Gender Transformative Education,” which was nothing but a call to inculcate gender ideology in children.

Plan International representative Yona Nestel proposed starting comprehensive sex education from the age of 2 so that “children's ideas of what is possible for them go beyond the binary framework.”

“We need to start very early, from a very young age: gender is a social construct, which is learned… It is very important to invest in the early years and ensure that gender transformative education begins in the early years, as soon as possible.”

This UN strategy is being enforced with the help of leftist groups around the world, and countries that the UN helps are likely to be coerced into participating in such events. However, each country is free to absorb or discard these proposals.

This UN Summit was not a government negotiation. But this is a tactic of the global left at the UN: to engage in mock negotiations in which the documents produced seem normative. The UN increasingly relies on non-consensual mechanisms to advance its agenda.

Governments are free to ignore the conclusions and recommendations of the summit.