United States: Against the legalization of homosexual marriage

Source: FSSPX News


The bishops conference of Massachusetts, presided over by the archbishop of Boston, Mgr. Sean P. O’Malley, has spoken of the collapse of family life in western society over the course of the last few years. The reasons for this are most notably divorce by mutual consent, and the acceptance and generalization of co-habitation of non-married couples. The current tendency aiming towards redefining the conception of marriage – notably the acceptance of marriage between partners of the same sex – is only set to accelerate this destructive process.

To defend the traditional family, these bishops are launching a series of conferences in parishes, entitled “Catholic Defense of Marriage Information Meetings”. The faithful are invited to write to their Congressmen to prevent the legalization of homosexual unions. During these parish meetings, three volunteers – a priest and two laymen – will analyze the consequences of the decision to legalize homosexual marriage in Massachusetts.

The influential Catholics of Boston implicated in this campaign, include a professor of law at Harvard University, Mary Ann Glendon, a theologian, Father Romano Cessario, a member of the Pontifical Academy of social sciences, Professor Kevin Ryan, and the Dominican Father John Farren, rector of St. John’s seminary in Boston.

Each parish of the archdiocese of Boston must send at least two representatives to assist at these conferences. They will be charged with the task of recounting what they have learned the following weekend in their parish at Sunday Mass.