United States: Archbishop of Kansas City against pro-abortion politicians

Source: FSSPX News


Indeed, Archbishop James P. Keleher has asked all the institutions of his archdiocese to invite nobody who belongs to the “pro choice” movement, nor any politician sharing these views or having voted in favor of a liberal legislation, in the domain of voluntary interruption of pregnancy.

This injunction was published in the journal of the archdiocese of Kansas City, The Leaven, the day after a visit to the St. Mary of Leavenworth University, by the democratic govenor of Kansas, Kathleen Sebelius, a Catholic who campaigns for IVF to remain legal.

Archbishop Keleher underlined the importance of the question of legalization of abortion in the United States, “the result of which has been the killing of more than 40 million unborn babies over the past 31 years, since the ruling of the Supreme Court in the case of Roe vs. Wade”.

The archbishop of Kansas City considers it “imperative that our churches, schools and institutions make every possible effort to support the movement in favor of life, but also to make sure that the public understand our unequivocal position on this question.”

“We must stand solidly behind the Gospel of life,” which is why, he said, “no Catholic institution may invite to a conference or workshop, a person who is in favor of a liberal legislation concerning abortion or who has voted for such legislation.”