United States: Cardinal Burke launches a prayer campaign

Source: FSSPX News

Cardinal Raymond Burke.

On December 8, 2015, Cardinal Raymond Burke asked the faithful to unite themselves to the intention of the Mass he will celebrate on the 1st of each month all throughout the year 2016 by reciting the rosary. The American prelate announced the goal of this prayer campaign in a press release: "The first temptation Satan uses to break us down is discouragement. This temptation is only an illusion, for Christ alive within us always gives us courage, even in the most trying of times. In such times, as today, we must pray more than ever, especially in the presence of the Most Blessed Sacrament, and all throughout the day. Be courageous, my beloved brothers and sisters! Stand fast with sure Hope! Let us together storm Heaven with steadfast prayer."

Cardinal Burke made the call to prayer to the association of Catholic lay Catholic Action for Faith and Family. The organisation’s spokesman, Thomas McKenna, presented the aim of this campaign on LifeSiteNews, saying: “As Catholics we find ourselves in a general crisis of culture,”he said. “We seem to be losing the battle against same-sex marriage, we see Planned Parenthood killing babies and selling their body parts and nothing is done to stop them, and euthanasia is being brought in through the backdoor”,  to which is added the fact that the "confusion" within the Church comes from public statements made by high members of the hierarchy.

While relating the launch of this operation baptized Storm Heaven - for which Cardinal Burke desires the commitment of a million faithful throughout the world -, Italian journalist Maurizio Blondet recalled in his blog on December 31: "Sister Lucy of Fatima wrote: 'Ever since the Most Blessed Virgin granted a great efficacy to the rosary, there is no material, spiritual, national or international problem that cannot be resolved by the Holy Rosary and by our sacrifices'."

(source: Maurizio Blondet - trad.benoitetmoi - DICI no.329 dated Jan. 29, 2016)