United States: Catholics and Pentecostals side by side

Source: FSSPX News


After five years of discussion and preparation, the meeting of Christian Churches Together in the USA (CCT), took place on March 28.

 “We have finally found the courage to overcome our former divisions and construct a new expression of unity, rooted in the Spirit , which will strengthen our mission in the world,” declared the pastor Wesley Granberg-Michaelson, secretary general of the Protestant church of America and interim president of CCT. The press release announcing the official launch of the meeting pointed out that the battle against poverty is “central to the mission of the Church and essential for our unity in Christ,” and that the participants were committed to working together to deal with the causes of poverty.

 For the first time, the Conference of Roman Catholic Bishops accepted membership of this organization which gathers together Evangelical Pentecostalists, historical Protestants, black communities and the Orthodox Churches. The CCT defines itself as “the largest community of Churches and Christian traditions” in the United States.