United States: Excommunication of politicians in favor of abortion

Source: FSSPX News


Catholics who support abortion and euthanasia as part of their political mandate will no longer receive Holy Communion. This ruling was issued on January 8 by Mgr. Raymond L. Burke, archbishop of the diocese of La Crosse.

The Catholics who do not respect totally the “inviolable dignity” of human life commit a “grave sin” and give all the faithful good reason to be scandalized, maintained Archbishop Burke in his stand, published in The Catholic Times, the official diocesan newspaper and passed on by the American Catholic press agency, CNS.

The archbishop of La Crosse, who will be installed at the head of the archdiocese of St. Louis on January 26, addressed the whole of his diocese in a ten-page pastoral letter relating to the protection of life. He had previously written to three Catholic senators of his diocese, urging them to change their point of view on the interruption of pregnancy and on euthanasia. After they had refused to follow up his demand, Archbishop Burke invited them to a personal interview. Another refusal. After a “serious” exchange of letters, the prelate decided to exclude them from Communion as long as they maintained their support of abortion and euthanasia.

The president of the American League for Life, in Washington, has described Archbishop Burke’s pastoral letter as the “first historic landmark” in the Church’s dealings with leading pro-abortion Catholic politicians.