United States: Father of Two Children, the Auxiliary Bishop of Los Angeles Resigns

Source: FSSPX News

Benedict XVI accepted the resignation of Bishop Gabino Zavala, on January 4, 2012, in accordance with Article 401-§2 of the Code of Canon Law, “for health reasons or for all other serious reasons.”   The 60 year-old auxiliary bishop of Los Angeles had formerly informed the archbishop of his diocese, Archbishop José H. Gomez, that he was the father of two children.

“I have sad news, difficult to share.  Bishop Zavala, auxiliary bishop of the pastoral region of San Gabriel, informed me in the beginning of December that he is the father of two young children, who live with their mother in a different State,” announced Archbishop Gomez in a letter to the faithful of his diocese.  The Archbishop of Los Angeles declared that his auxiliary had presented his resignation to the Pope in December.  “He no longer exercises his ministry and he will henceforth live a private life,” he explained, before indicating that the archbishopric had contacted the mother and children to grant them spiritual help and finances to help pay for the cost of their education.

Born in Mexico on September 7, 1951, and ordained a priest in 1977, Bishop Zavala was an important voice for the millions of Catholic “latinos” living in the United States.  President of the movement Pax Christi, he is known for his opposition to the death penalty and for his support of a reform of the country’s immigration laws. (sources: apic/imedia – DICI#248 Jan 13, 2012)