United States: The French church in Manhattan Has Closed Its Doors

Source: FSSPX News

A place of worship for French-speaking Catholics for 171 years, St. Vincent de Paul Church in the Chelsea district of New York has closed its doors because of insufficient funds and feeble attendance. Squeezed between two buildings on the angle of 23rd St. and 5th Ave, the neo-classic edifice welcomed European, African and Haitian parishioners, who filled the little church on Sundays. In action since 2007, the date when the closing was announced, the faithful plan to make an appeal on this decision. “We have found canonical lawyers and we have represented ourselves before the Vatican,” explained Olga Statz, a lawyer and head of the support committee aimed at keeping the church open. “They are the same lawyers who succeeded in keeping churches in Ohio and Massachusetts from closing, and I am optimistic,” she asserted.

Nonetheless, the majority of the parishioners make no secret of their skepticism, considering the millions that the sale of the edifice could bring to the diocese.

The city of New York counts about 80,000 French residents.

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