United States: News from the Traditional Community of New Orleans in the aftermath of the cyclone Katrina

Source: FSSPX News


Our chapel in New Orleans, Louisiana, did sustain considerable wind damage to the roof, allowing rain to enter the building. It was not flooded by the breaking of the canal levees so it appears to be repairable. The chapel had a membership of approximately 175, all of whom appear to be successfully evacuated and we have received no reports of injury or death. The people’ homes and livelihood is another matter. The extent of this problem may take a considerable time in becoming known to us, as it part of the over-all catastrophe whose extent is unknown at this time. It would appear that a good number of our people have moved 75 miles north to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where we also have a chapel and where the parish priest, Fr. Jean Michel Morel, is now living.

Donations to help the chapel and the parishioners may be sent to :

Mr. Timothy Eaton

Regina Coeli House

2918 Tracy Avenue,

Kansas City, Missouri 64109-1529


Check payable to S.S.P.X. - Hurricane Relief.