United States: Number of Atheistic Students Organization Doubled over the Last Two Years

Source: FSSPX News

According to the Secular Student Alliance (SSA), the national federation of the secular movement among students, reported ENI news agency, the number of atheistic students organizations on the US campuses has doubled over the past two year, rising from 80 to 162.
For PZ Myers, a lecturer in biology at the University of Minnesota in Morris, and a militant atheist, this progression could be linked to the fact that more and more authors affirm that it is acceptable not to have a God. Last year, PZ Myers aroused the anger of Catholic by attempting a public profanation of consecrated hosts.
Lyz Liddel, the main official of the SSA on the campuses, emphasized that university studies are a time, which, for many young people, is conducive to a questioning of their beliefs and of their religious origins. Groups created on the website of the social network Facebook are used by members of the SSA to organize meetings and debates enabling students whose convictions are beginning to change to “check their temperature anonymously,” stated Lyz Liddel. “A community is the best we have to offer to such students,” she added. (DICI n° 202 - 17/10/09 – Sources: Apic/ENI)