United States: Presenting an “authentic Jesus” in answer to The Da Vinci Code

Source: FSSPX News


The American Catholic Bishops have, since March 9, undertaken an information campaign entitled “Jesus de-Coded” at the initiative of the Catholic Communication Campaign. On the web site www.jesusdecoded.com one finds texts on the life of Jesus, Christendom and the Catholic Faith, with the help of Opus Dei.

The Communications Service of the conference of American bishops also offers a 16-page brochure entitled “The Authentic Jesus”. Edited in the form of questions and answers, the publication seeks to make known “the authentic Catholic teaching” on Jesus, His divinity, the New Testament, gnosticism, etc…

Finally, a documentary film produced by “NewGroup Media” in Israel, Turkey and Italy gives a “solid Catholic response” to the fiction of the “Da Vinci Code”. Retracing the first three centuries of the Church through interviews with intellectuals of international reputation, specialists in art, history and Sacred Scripture, the documentary will be shown on the NBC network beginning on May 20. The film based on the novel by Dan Brown is supposed to premier in theaters on May 17.