United States : “Project Moses”

Source: FSSPX News


The Catholic churches of Wyoming are lending their support to “Project Moses”, a Catholic organization based in Kansas, which proposes the installing of monuments of the Ten Commandments throughout the country. Sixteen parishes in the diocese of Cheyenne (in the State of Wyoming) have already installed such monuments. Ten others are in the process of raising money for the same end.

Private American organizations hope, in this way, to re-establish respect for the Ten Commandments by placing such monuments in front of churches, synagogues, religious schools and private residences. They can already be found in 17 States in America.

Such monuments, when erected in public places, have been denounced to American justice, by supporters of secularism. A year ago, for having refused to remove a monument of the Ten Commandments, which he had had placed at the entrance of the Supreme Court of Alabama, Chief Justice Roy Moore was dismissed from his duties by an American disciplinary court. This controversy surrounding the monument has made Judge Roy Moore a veritable “hero of the religious right in the United States.”