United States: Rainbow Sash wearers refused Communion

Source: FSSPX News


People wearing the Rainbow Sash wishing to show their support for gay and lesbian Catholics, were refused Communion in Chicago and St. Paul-Minneapolis, on Pentecost Sunday.

 In the archdiocese of Los Angeles, members of the Rainbow Sash Movement have decided not to wear their distinctive sign during Mass because, they say, of the “warm welcome” which homosexuals receive in churches. Elsewhere, on the other hand, they wanted to make it known publicly that they have their place “at Christ’s table” ; and they have obtained the support of some clerics.

 In the Archdiocese of St. Paul-Minneapolis, the priests of the cathedral of St Paul, refused to distribute Communion on May 15 to 150 people wearing the Rainbow Sash, but inviting them to come forward to receive a blessing. Before distributing Holy Communion, Fr. Michael Sklucazek told the faithful gathered for Mass that everyone wearing a sash could come forward for a blessing, but would be refused Communion.

 This refusal of Communion to gays and lesbians and their sympathizers is in line with the conduct of Mgr. Harry J. Flynn, archbishop of St Paul-Minneapolis, after consulting Vatican authorities. Mgr. Flynn warned the Rainbow Sash movement that its members and sympathizers would not be able to receive Communion, because their sashes had become a sign of dissent from the doctrine of the Church. He considered it unacceptable “to use the reception of Communion to make an act of protest.”

 In Chicago, a policy aimed at refusing Communion to those wearing this distinctive sign has been in force for several years. The Rainbow Sash Alliance has been encouraging its sympathizers to wear a Rainbow Sash since 2001 at Pentecost, but this is the first time they have been publicly refused Communion.