United States: St. Mary’s Academy & College celebrates 25 years

Source: FSSPX News


It was in September 1848 that the Jesuits founded the first establishment at St. Marys in order to serve the mission to the Indian tribe of the Potawatomi.

By the next September, the seventh provincial council of Baltimore organized the vast expanse of the American Great Plains into an Apostolic Vicariate.

And in September of 1850, the seat of this Apostolic Vicariate became St. Marys where a cathedral (of wood) was erected (on the current site of the school).

In September of 1870, the Ladies of the Sacred Heart opened the first girls’ school, while the Jesuit Fathers started a boys school which rapidly gained an excellent reputation: notable figures received their first education there, such as the heroic lieutenant William T. Fitzsimons, first American soldier to give his live during World War I, Charles Comiskey, founder of the American Baseball League, Gutzon Borglum, sculptor of Mount Rushmore, actor Spencer Tracy and numerous others.

In September of 1932, a seminary replaced the old college and saw the ordination of more than a thousand Jesuit Fathers until its closing in 1967.

In September of 1978, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre reopened the old campus for the Society of St. Pius X, in order to continue the traditions of a vigilant education and the formation of the souls of young Catholics. Attracting students from many countries, St. Marys now numbers 800 students in her ranks.

In September of 1989, a university was added to the school.

Last September 1st saw the 155th anniversary of the foundation of this campus, as well as the 25th of its resurrection under the baton of the Society. Various festivities marked this day – presided over by His Excellency Bishop Fellay and finishing with an outstanding concert and a splendid display of fireworks, which is a very “American” spectacle at big events like this.

The governor of the state of Kansas proclaimed September 1st 2003 as day of the school for the entire state!

It must be added that the “parish” of St. Marys includes more than 3,500 people. More and more numerous vocations continue to make parents and priests rejoice, who give themselves to the Catholic education of children. On the occasion of the Pontifical Mass celebrated on September 2 with the entire school assisting, all hearts made acts of thanksgiving to God for the gifts He has deigned to accord this establishment for a century and a half, and especially for the blessings He has showered on the work of the Society.

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