Uruguay : a session on ecumenism

Source: FSSPX News


From October 21 to 23, the National Commission for ecumenism and interreligious dialogue of the Bishops’ Conference of Uruguay, in cooperation with the Commission for ecumenism of the Archdiocese of Montevideo, will organize a session entitled "The challenges of ecumenism in Latin America, its problems and the prospects for ecumenical action". The session is to take place in Montevideo under the direction of Father Juan Carlos Urrea Vedesse.

During these days the following questions will be tackled: "Religious pluralism in Latin America: realities and challenges" ; "What is ecumenical dialogue? Basic notions and experiences"; "History of the ecumenical movement in Latin America: an analysis based on the Latin-American episcopal magisterium"; "Fundamental aspects of ecumenical action based on the ecumenical Directory and the encyclical Ut Unum Sint"; and also Pentecostal religion in Latin America.