Uruguayan Church Takes Strong Stand Against Gender Ideology

Source: FSSPX News

Cardinal Daniel Fernando Sturla.

In his traditional Christmas message broadcast on December 21, 2017, Cardinal Daniel Fernando Sturla, archbishop of Montevideo, denounced gender ideology.


“Gender theory goes against the human order of the creation of man, against the family that is composed of a husband, a wife, and children,” said the primate of the Catholic Church in Uruguay.

For Cardinal Sturla, gender theory is an “error”. The prelate optimistically prefers to see it as a temporary phenomenon that in a few years “will no longer be in vogue”. For “in the end”, he claimed, “man seeks for truth, and truth is also founded on nature.” If only this natural order were known and respected!

“Plan Ceibal” has been implemented in the country since 2007; it is a socio-educational program that fights, among other things, against discrimination by giving all young people access to content diffused through new technologies. What is more, on April 10, 2013, the Uruguayan parliament adopted a law authorizing so-called homosexual “marriage”, making Uruguay the second country in Latin America to approve these unnatural unions.

This is to say that gender ideology is part of a vast movement to undermine the order willed by God, a movement that is applied and upheld on a global level by most of the world’s governments.