USA: Jorge Mario Bergoglio’s life coming to cinemas soon

Source: FSSPX News

Christian Peschken

Christian Peschken, a producer/director of German origins living in Hollywood, is planning to bring the life of the former archbishop of Buenos Aires to the big screen. According to an article published online April 29, 2013, on the website of the American magazine National Catholic Register, the film will portray Jorge Mario Bergoglio’s life up to the point where he was elected pope.

Christian Peschken has already raised 25 million dollars (19 million euros) from a group of European investors. The movie already has a working title: Friend of the Poor: The Pope Francis Story. Filming could begin in early 2014 and will take place in Rome, mainly, but also in Argentina.

Christian Peschken wants Vatican expert Andrea Tornielli, who recently wrote a biography of the new pope and who has known Jorge Mario Bergoglio personally since 2002, to join the team as a consultant, as well as Argentinean journalist Serge Rubin, co-author of The Jesuit, a book based on two years of conversation with the archbishop of Buenos Aires. The idea of making a movie about Pope Francis came to him when he saw the newly elected pope appear on the balcony of blessings at St. Peter’s. “What a great scene for the end of a movie!” he thought. The name of the lead actor has not yet been made public.

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