Utopian rhetoric

Source: FSSPX News

While visiting the Evangelical Lutheran church of Rome on November 15, 2015, Pope Francis declared that despite the doctrinal differences between Lutherans and Catholics, the hour for “reconciled diversity” had arrived. This oxymoron recalls the “differentiated consensus” that made it possible to sign a Joint Declaration on the doctrine of justification between the Lutheran World Federation and the Catholic Church in Augsburg, Germany, on October 31, 1999. In this way, therefore, we will have from now on a “diversified reconciliation” thanks to the “consensual differences” achieved in the final years of the last century.

The oxymoron allows those who use it to emancipate themselves from reality, which is governed by the principle of non-contradiction. Thanks to this rhetorical figure of speech everything is possible: the difference becomes the consensus and diversity turns into reconciliation. But all this is possible only rhetorically, because in reality the facts stubbornly persist as they are. Catholics believe in the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist, while for Lutherans the bread and wine remain bread and wine.

While waiting for a true conversion, some will try to make us believe—“eyes fixed on an illusion”, as Saint Pius X used to say—that through the grace of conciliar ecumenism the divergences become convergences, that parallel lines will end by intersecting, and that deep down Luther was a child of Mary.

Father Alain Lorans

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