Vatican: A Green Popemobile

Source: FSSPX News

The German automobile maker Mercedes-Benz, that has been the Vatican's provider for 80 years, is building a hybrid popemobile.  It should be finished for Benedict XVI's visit to Germany in the end of September 2011, according to information revealed by the German weekly Wirtschaftswoche, on June 18.  This new car is conceived on the model of Mercedes class M, but with a motor at once thermic and electric.  Its rechargeable battery allows it to run 30 kilometers, without polluting the atmosphere.  According to the German periodical, the Pope cannot, for now, have an only electric car, because of possible attacks.  In case of attack, what the Italian press sometimes calls the “green pope” must be able to “take flight” rapidly. (sources: apic/ATS – DICI#238, July 16, 2011)