Vatican: The Holy See Protects Itself from Financial Crimes

Source: FSSPX News

The second annual report of the Holy See’s Financial Information Authority (AIF), responsible for fighting against illegal activities in the financial and monetary domains, was presented to the press on May 19, at the Vatican, by the director of the AIF himself, René Brülhart.

 He announced that the AIF has an “adequate system for foreseeing and fighting financial crimes.”

To back up this claim, the Swiss director declared: “Over 200 suspicious transactions were thus recorded” in 2013, that is “33 times more than the year before.” Again, according to the director of the AIF, “this increase reflects the development of the Holy See’s legal tools, as well as the significant improvement in the operational performance of the entities under the AIF’s control.” Lastly, René Brülhart indicated that early in 2014, the Financial Information Authority conducted its first ordinary inspection of the Institute for the Works of Religion, the “Vatican Bank”.

According to the director of the AIF, this inspection reported “progress in the implementation of measures for foreseeing and blocking money laundering and financing terrorism.”

Sources: apic/imedia/zenith – DICI no.297 dated June 6, 2014