Vatican: Pope Received New Ambassador of Iran to the Holy See

Source: FSSPX News

On October 29, the new ambassador of Iran near the Holy See, Ali Akbar Naseri, asked Benedict XVI to join in the fight against Islam phobia, when handing him his Letters of Credence. Taking this opportunity “to draw [the pope’s] attention” to “certain issues”, the Iranian diplomat thus observed that “unfortunately Islam phobia has spread to Europe” because of partisan politics. “Yet,” Ali Akbar Naseri affirmed, “Islam is among the revealed religions and announces joy, clemency, peace and liberty” (sic). The Iranian diplomat, next emphasized, in his address, that “Christians in Iran, as citizens, had always been respected, especially since the instauration of the Islamic Republic” (sic). Lastly, in his discourse, the Iranian diplomat stressed the “determining role” that “the great Islamic civilization” had played in “the diffusion of justice and peace in the world” (sic).
On his part, Benedict XVI recalled the “fundamental role” of religious freedom and of freedom of conscience among the universal right, affirming that “to stabilize cordial relations among believers of different religions [was] an urgent necessity of our time, in order to construct a world that is more human.” “Iran is a great Nation that possesses eminent spiritual traditions, and its people has a profound religious sensibility,” hence, in the pope’s eyes it is capable of “an increasing openness and a trusting collaboration with the international community” (sic). The Holy See, Benedict XVI guaranteed “will always be ready to work in conjunction with those who serve to cause of peace and promote the dignity that the Creator bestowed upon every human being.” (DICI n° 206 - 12/17/2009 – Source: Apic)