Vatileaks : The first report of the investigation soon to be delivered to the Pope

Source: FSSPX News

Paolo Gabriele and Benedict XVI.

Arrested on May 23 in possession of confidential documents from the private correspondence of the pope, Paolo Gabriele is still being detained in a security room at the headquarters of the Vatican Police.  The Vatican court will probably decide in early August whether it intends to try the former valet of the pope.  The trial would not take place before October.  Until then Paolo Gabriele could be placed under house arrest until the conclusion of the discovery phase, as his two lawyers have already requested, since his residence is situated within the walls of the Vatican.  Accused of “aggravated theft” of private correspondence, he could be sentenced to between one and six years of prison.  The pope can also decide to pardon him.  He could also be released without charges.  Without revealing its conclusion, the Vatican confirmed that the two internal investigations currently being pursued were about to conclude.   As for the one conducted by the Vatican court, the judge Pierre Antonio Bonnet needs to evaluate the personal responsibility of the former employee of the pope and to uncover possible conspiracies.

This search for possible accomplices is the chief aim of the second investigation, entrusted since March to three experienced cardinals (Herranz, Tomko and De Giorgi).  They have already listened to the testimony of several dozen persons;  the hearings are coming to an end and the work of composing an initial report is underway.  The investigatory commission will be received in the near future by the pope at Castel Gandolfo.  The latter would then have more certain information about the extent of the “plot” aimed against him, insofar as its existence can be proved.  The Supreme Pontiff, moreover, has reaffirmed his confidence in his Secretary of State, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, in a letter dated July 2, 2012.  In it he communicates his deep gratitude toward Cardinal Bertone for his “discreet close working relationship” and his “enlightened counsels”.  They have been “particularly helpful during these past months,” according to the letter that was made public on July 4 by the Press Office of the Holy See.

Whereas the Secretary of State of the Holy See found himself under fire from critics in this affair, which has been dubbed “Vatileaks” by the press, many observers predicted the departure of the Italian prelate next autumn, on the eve of his 78th birthday.  With this letter it seems clear that Benedict XVI wished to put an end to these rumors about dismissal.  (Sources : Apic/Imedia/Le Figaro DICI no.258 dated July 20, 2012)

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