Vincent Lambert's Parents Beg French Government for Basic Medical Care for their Son

Source: FSSPX News

Viviane Lambert, Vincent's mother

For five years now, Vincent Lambert’s parents have been requesting their son’s transfer to a facility that specializes in caring for patients in a minimally conscious state.

On July 16, 2018, the young man’s mother was received by two of the President’s councilors, but without firm answers or commitments.

Viviane Lambert has been defending her son’s life with courage, faith, and perseverance. On April 12, 2018, she sent a letter to the President of the Republic that was published in Le Figaro under the title, “My son Vincent does not deserve to starve to death”.

On April 20, 70 doctors and health professionals signed a column recalling that Vincent Lambert is not in a terminal phase and that he is entitled to appropriate health care for his condition, in one of the many facilities able to take care of him that already exist in France.

On June 7, Viviane Lambert sent a second letter to Emmanuel Macron, requesting a meeting. He accepted to have two councilors meet with Vincent’s mother.

“When I left my son’s room, I had the impression I was leaving a prisoner,” Viviane Lambert told them; she was able to explain why her son still to this day has not received the appropriate treatment for his condition (restricted visiting hours, "no walks to get fresh air, no adequate wheelchair, and that in the middle of the summer..."

We will have to wait and see what comes of this meeting with the highest authorities in the government; the meeting took place five days after the Constitutional Council decided against adopting a law on euthanasia and assisted suicide.