Violent reactions to the notice of the Holy See against legal recognition to unions between homosexual persons

Source: FSSPX News


In Italy, the organizations Arci Gay (Italian national gay movement) and the atheist association "No God — Attei per la laicita degli stati (No God — Atheists for the secularity of the states) called for manifestations on St Peter square, denouncing "a new attack of the Vatican against their rights." The Italian Radical Party declared :"This new homophobic document is a new attack against the individual freedoms and a violation of the most basic civil rights". Complaints must be lodged in the Roman court, the European Commission and the European parliament against the Vatican State "for its continual interferences with the internal affairs of the Italian State", said the leaders of the Radical Party.

In Switzerland, the homosexuals associations were seized with indignation over the discriminatory tone used in the document, which, according to them, is contrary to the Swiss Constitution. They qualify the text as being "contemptuous" and "insulting" to them. It is unbearable, from their viewpoint, that the legal recognition of a homosexual union might be considered as obnoxious to the common good. — It is true that the Swiss bishops did not prepare their fellow citizens for a strong doctrinal position on those questions. In a document dated October 3, 2002, they had rejected all discrimination against homosexual persons and had asked pardon if such discriminations had been committed in the past in the name of the Church and of the Christian faith. And, while putting aside the idea of a blessing for homosexual unions, the Swiss bishops conference did not declare itself opposed to the introduction of a legal recognition (PACS in France) within the frame of the consultation of the Federal Council on the legal situation of homosexual couples. Bishop Genoud of Lausanne, Genève and Fribourg, said on this occasion that the Church did not reject homosexual persons, "for no one chooses to be homosexual. Love between two homosexual partners can be very great, very generous. But such union cannot be put on a par with a Christian marriage which is lived, as the Bible and the Church teach, in the complementarity of difference, i.e. in heterosexuality.

In Ireland, the broadcasting of the document outside of mass could be considered as inciting hatred against homosexuals, and punished by six months in jail. Aisling Reidy, president of the Irish Council for Civil Freedom, esteems that the passage of the Roman text which states that the adoption of children by homosexual does violence to those children, "fosters a high degree of public anxiety about pedophilia" (sic).