“Wanted: First Aid Technician for Leftist Diocese”

Source: FSSPX News

You might soon find an announcement like this in diocesan newspapers…judging from the letter addressed in May by 21 French priests to the Prefect of the Congregation for Bishops asking him for pastors less enthralled by the “spirit of the Sixties generation” (sic).

“In our country,” they write candidly, “for the last three or four decades, Catholicism has dwindled and continues to dwindle dramatically (a constant decline in Sunday Mass attendance, in the number of priests, religious, catechists and vocations, etc.).  It is possible that the Holy See will soon be compelled to transform some French dioceses into apostolic administrations, given the ridiculously low number of active priests in them.

“Now this Catholicism is sick but not dead,” they continue.  “This Catholicism wants to turn the page on lethal liturgical abuses, disastrous preaching about marital morality, a latent anti-Roman complex, deviant sacramental practices (blessing the “remarriages” of divorced-and-remarried couples, general absolution), dubiously Catholic catechesis about the Eucharist, etc.”

And these 21 religious and diocesan priests, all of them less than 50 years old, conclude:  “In this context, the [current] episcopal nominations seem incomprehensible to us.”

The post-Sixties crew wearing miters can’t get over it.  These protesters, witnessing with revulsion protests against their revolution, are growing old and embittered.  What will they do in a little while when they read:  “Wanted:  first aid technician for leftist diocese.  Paleo-progressives need not apply”?

Fr. Alain Lorans