Warning against the dictatorship of public opinion

Source: FSSPX News


On October 6, Benedict XVI addressed the members of the International Theological Commission, in the Redemptoris Mater chapel of the apostolic palace. On the feast of St. Bruno, founder of the Carthusian Order, the pope recalled that “its mission was silence and contemplation,” which allowed them to “attain a profound union with God in the midst of the dissipation of daily life.”

 In our noise filled times, said the Sovereign Pontiff, “for the purification of our words, for the purification of the words of the world, we need this silence which becomes contemplation, which enables us to enter into the silence of God in order to arrive at the very source of the redemptive Word.” “God is not the object (…). God is the subject of theology,” and he continued, the theologian must “be only an instrument through which God may speak.” Thus, the mission of the theologian “today, as yesterday, is to present the essential words in the midst of the noise of society and the inflation of words.”

 “Obedience to the Truth should ‘render’ our souls ‘chaste’ and thus lead us to the right words and actions. In other terms, to speak in order to be applauded – referring to the first Epistle of St. Peter – to tell people what they want to hear, to speak in obedience to the dictatorship of public opinion, should be considered as a kind of prostitution of the word and the soul,” said the pope.

 And he concluded: “I think that it is the fundamental virtue of the theologian, this difficult discipline of obedience to the truth which makes us collaborators with the truth, mouthpieces for the truth, so that it is not we who speak in this flow of words of today, but once they are really purified and made chaste by our obedience to the truth, it will be the truth which speaks in us. And thus may we really be bringers of the truth.”