Weekly News Recap: Abortion Gaining in Ireland, State of the Church in Somalia

Source: FSSPX News

This week we look at a distressing ruling by the courts in Ireland concerning children in the womb, the state of the underground church in Somalia, and how a flour shortage is affecting the Church in Venezuela.

Abortion Gaining Support in Ireland

On March 7th the Irish Supreme Court issued a landmark ruling limiting the rights of an unborn child to simply the right to life as contained in the Eighth Amendment of the Irish Constitution.  This ruling was followed the day after by a statement from the government advising that  Citizens will soon be asked whether they want to remove the Eighth Amendment altogether, this particular amendment gives the right to life equally to both mother and unborn child and removing it would effectively allow politicians to legalize abortion in Ireland for the future. 

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Plight of Somalian Christians

Far from the cameras, in Mogadishu in Somalia, a community of about thirty Catholics keeps the Faith. Fr. Stefano Tollu, a military chaplain,  succeeded in reaching these underground Christians who for the past 20 years have lived in hiding as Islam has grown more and more powerful throughout the country. Believers of Islam in Somalia target Christian families who, just by living as Catholics risk their lives every day.

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Shortage of Hosts Limits Eucharistic Communion

On Sunday, February 25, in Venezuela, many faithful were invited to make a spiritual communion in parishes throughout the State of Merida, due to a lack of hosts. The reason is purely material as flour has become a rare commodity. In an effort to remedy this shortage, the bishops have asked the faithful to bring all the flour they have left so that the nuns can use it to make hosts.

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