Weekly News Recap: Bp. Fellay Speaks, Canadian Christians Attacked, Lenten Challenge

Source: FSSPX News

This week we look at a recent conference given by Bishop Bernard Fellay on our current relations with Rome, a new development in Canada that affects Christian business owners, a study on young children’s increasing access to the internet, and a new challenge urging Catholics to reduce the use of technology during Lent.

Bp. Fellay's Conference on Recent Developments

Recently, Bishop Bernard Fellay – General Superior of the Society of Saint Pius X – gave a conference on the Society of Saint Pius X's current relationship with Rome. His review included possible future developments and the historical background from which these discussions began. The full audio of this interview is available at FSSPX.news
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Canadian Businesses Suffer for their Faith

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party announced that it would tie funding for the country’s “Summer Jobs” program to the acceptance of so-called “reproductive rights.” The success of the program, which mainly funds small businesses that hire seasonal labor, is now contingent on recipients accepting abortion along with tenets of gender theory. Archbishop Christian Lépine of Montreal expressed worry that the new requirements are moving Canada to treat persons of faith as “second class citizens.”
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Children More in Danger from Internet

A new study shows that over 175,000 children go on the Internet for the first time every day — that is one child every half-second. Last year, Pope Francis warned that these young users were at risk of exploitation and abuse and called for cyber safeguards to be implemented. Due to the potentially harmful effects of the Internet, the priests of the Society of St. Pius X regularly warn parents of the dangers of unmonitored Internet access for their children and encourage families to adopt strict protocols for Internet usage in their homes.
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A Challenge to Unplug During Lent

The Society of St. Pius X has just launched an initiative that challenges Catholics to take a digital detox to limit their dependence on technology. This effort is aimed to foster deeper and more meaningful relationships with family and friends. This challenge makes use of social media to drive awareness and share this crucial message with the world. To accept the challenge yourself and share it with others visit sspx.org/challenge
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