Weekly Video News Recap: Pro-Abortion Militants Sentenced, New Priests in Argentina

Source: FSSPX News

This week we look at a recent ruling against pro-abortion militants in Spain, the growth of the Society of Saint Pius X in Argentina, and a new video on the Society’s seminary in Bavaria.

Spanish Court Confirms Sentence for Abortion Militants

The Spanish Supreme Court has finally confirmed the one-year prison sentence inflicted on the pro-abortion militants who disturbed a Mass on the island of Mallorca back in 2014. The court rejected the vandals’ defense, which tried to argue their “right” to free expression. The Court found that they intended to infringe upon religious freedom. However, none of the defendants will actually end up in prison since in Spain, all sentences of less than two years are automatically transformed into community service.

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Three Newly-Ordained Priests Celebrate First Masses

On December 17th, 2017, the day after the priestly ordinations at the seminary of the Priestly Society of St. Pius X in La Reja, Argentina, three of the five new priests celebrated their first Masses. The new priests of the Society celebrated their first Masses with the utmost solemnity. Professors, seminarians, families, and the faithful of La Reja gathered at the foot of the altar to give thanks for the preservation of the Catholic priesthood founded by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, and carried on through these newly ordained priests.

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SSPX Seminary Produces Video Following the Life of a Seminarian

A new video overviewing the priestly seminary in Zaitzkofen, Bavaria, follows the path of one seminarian as he undergoes his priestly formation. This impressive video traces the formation of the seminarian and shows the importance of priests in the world today. It also reveals Archbishop Lefebvre's various insights when he formed the Society in order to preserve the priesthood.

The video can be watched in English at fsspx.news