Who is the private secretary of Benedict XVI?

Source: FSSPX News

The private secretary to the new pope is a prelate, Mgr. Georg Gänswein, born in 1956 at Waldshut in Germany. He has been assisting Cardinal Ratzinger for nearly ten years. He spent his youth in the Black Forest region, before leaving to study in Fribourg-en Brisgau, Rome and then Munich. He was ordained priest in 1984. A theologian, an expert of the Roman Curia, but also a sportsman (skier), he is reputed to be very cordial. His name should soon appear on the list of members of the Secretariat of State, just like his predecessor with John Paul II, the Polish Stanislas Dziwisz.

 The Holy Father may also seek the assistance of Ingrid Stampa, aged 55, a consecrated layperson who belongs to the secular Institute of the Ladies of Schönstatt. She has been the cardinal’s housekeeper for the past 14 years. A specialist in medieval music, she was a teacher of the viola da gamba. She has also translated books by John Paul II into German.

 Finally Sister Brigitte has worked with Cardinal Ratzinger since his arrival at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. She is fluent in several languages and has translated some speeches written in German by the cardinal, while carrying out various secretarial duties.