Will General Franco of Spain Be Allowed to Rest in Peace?

Source: FSSPX News

The memorial "Valle de los Caidos"

The new Socialist government in Spain plans to exhume the remains of General Franco “as soon as possible” in order to transform the Valle de los Caidos memorial into a site dedicated to the “victims of Fascism.”

“We do not yet have a date, but the government is going to do it,” assured the new Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez on June 18, 2018, more determined than ever to remove the mortal remains of General Franco from his tomb 30 miles north of Madrid.

This removal was already approved by a large majority of deputies under the previous government but was blocked by the former conservative Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy.

To go through with their plans, they need to obtain the consent of the Church and of the Benedictine monastery of Los Caidos in which the former Spanish head of State is buried: “there is no concrete agreement on the matter for the time being,” was the laconic remark from the archdiocese of Madrid.

There is nothing surprising about the zeal of the new Socialist government; we have not yet forgotten how in 1936, during the Red Terror, the Republicans were specialists in profaning tombs, especially those of priests and religious. General Franco was generous enough to build a sanctuary dedicated to all the brave men who fell on the field of honor, as a way of turning over a new leaf after the civil war and encouraging a national reconciliation at the foot of the majestic Cross that towers over the valley.

When will great men be allowed to rest in peace?