Witches Cast a Spell on Donald Trump

Source: FSSPX News

Many Exorcists such as Fr. Vincent Lampert still use the Latin text, which has been in use for over 400 years

In the United States, several “Wiccans,” members of a neo-pagan sect who practice witchcraft, announced to the press that starting on February 23, 2017, they intend to organize monthly occult séances for the purpose of casting a spell on President Donald Trump.

According to the March 2 edition of the National Catholic Register, the witches and sorcerers will invoke the spirits at each waning moon so that the new president will be removed from office. In order to meet one another and to encourage people to practice witchcraft, they created a Facebook page entitled “A spell to Neutralize Donald Trump and All Who Support Him.” An “occult ceremonies kit” is offered, made up of a list of objects such as a photo of Donald Trump, a Tarot card, the stub of an orange candle, a little nail, a white candle, a little bowl of water, a little bowl of salt, a feather, matches and finally a bit of sand. During these rituals a whole series of evil spirits, including the “demons from the infernal kingdoms” are supposed to be invoked. 

According to the agency cath.ch, which reposted this news on March 3, some American Catholic priests, mainly exorcists, have reacted to this campaign. Thus, Fr. Vincent Lampert, the official exorcist of the Diocese of Indianapolis, recalled that spells can have serious consequences because “the persons who invoke the devil are incapable of controlling him” and “the Evil One utilizes them for his own designs.” Monsignor John Essef, an exorcist for 40 years in the Diocese of Scranton, Pennsylvania, deplored the fact that the image of the devil appears more and more frequently in the public square: “We are living in an era in which the Evil One is no longer afraid to show himself to humanity.” 

According to the news network LCI, a group of Christians in response has organized a day of prayers.

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