World: Christians are the Most Persecuted Religious Group

Source: FSSPX News

A report based on United Nations data and documents and statistics from several NGOs shows that Christians are the most persecuted group, accounting for 80% of all religious attacks.

Mandated in December 2018 by the British Foreign Ministry, to conduct research on the state of  persecution in the world, Philip Mountstephen, Anglican prelate of Truro, in western England, unveiled his final report on July 12, 2019.

In a press conference, the author of the report said that he had been personally struck by the magnitude of the phenomenon, but also by the number of other questions that the subject of  persecution had raised: “If you lift the stone marked ‘persecution,’ you will find all sorts of really sinister things underneath. You will find militant nationalism, authoritarian regimes,… religious fundamentalism of various persuasions, all often very intolerant towards the Christian minorities.”

In 2018, the World Index of Persecutions mentioned 215 million Christians persecuted for their faith. In 2019, this figure was revised and increased to “more than 245 million.” That is one in nine Christians in the world. In Asia, the statistics are even more impressive: one in three Christians is at risk of being persecuted.