World: European bishops ingenuously hail COP21 agreement

Source: FSSPX News

The Commission of Bishoprics of the European Community (COMECE) in Brussels hailed on December 14, 2015, “the spirit of responsibility and the sense of compromise” which enabled 195 countries to come to an agreement at the Paris conference on climate change. For Fr. Patrick H. Daly, general secretary of the organization, “the road to saving our common home is now open.” “This is a great step for humanity (…) The Church and Christians should vigilantly watch that the promises made by each State are kept,” he specified in a press release published on the COMECE’s website December 14, 2015.

After two weeks of negotiations which concluded December 12, COP21 reached an agreement at once on the reduction of CO2 and on financial aid to “developing countries” who must simultaneously “complete their transition to industrialization” and “carry out their energy transition.”

In spite of the general enthusiasm, no sanctions have been established for those who fail to meet their promises. Nonetheless, according to Anne Dolhein on December 14, 2015, “it is to be expected that the absence of binding factors will be compensated for by the will to put the agreement into action.” This agreement on the climate has a strong ideological aspect, since the text states that “the parties should (…) promote (…) the rights of man, the right to health, the rights of aboriginal peoples, of local communities, of migrants, of children, of disabled persons and persons in vulnerable situations, of the right to development, as well as the equality of the sexes, the liberation of women and equity between generations…” As emphasizes, “what does the climate have to do with the liberation of women? What does it have to do with migrants?” And the same source reminds us that we must not “lose sight of the fact that international organizations and major worldwide philanthropic foundations have always made the distribution of contraceptives a focal point of their action plan for poor countries.”

The effort required by “developed” countries, that is Western countries, is rather different. English journalist Christopher Booker declared, in British daily The Telegraph, on December 12, 2015, that in abandoning fossil fuels “which alone make modern civilization possible” while “the rest of the world is simply not going to follow (…)” the West is essentially committing “economic suicide”. Anne Dolhein concludes, “This is no doubt the reason for Russia, China, India and others’ enthusiastic support: it is to their advantage. And as the negotiators and political leaders at COP21 are certainly not stupid, it can be added that they understood, accepted and wanted this outcome.”

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