The World’s Largest Advent Wreath Is in Saint-Gall, Switzerland

Source: FSSPX News

The largest Advent wreath ever made was blessed on December 1, 2017, by Bishop Markus Büchel of Saint-Gall, in northeastern Switzerland.

Located in a field in the town of Mosnang, in the canton of Saint-Gall, it has a circumference of 1312 feet, a diameter of 393 feet, and holds four electric red candles, each 19 feet high.

300 volunteers worked on it for over a month and it took 10,600 cubic feet of pine wood to build it. The Guinness Book of World Records has already confirmed that the wreath is the largest ever recorded. Until now, the world record was held by an artifact made in Slovenia with a circumference of 328 feet.

Various activities are planned inside of the structure. A “raclette stand” (a Swiss dish made by placing slices of melted cheese over potatoes and various kinds of meat) will be open every day. On December 13, an artificial skating rink will also open inside the wreath.

One might wonder what connection there is between these profane activities and the preparation for Christmas. The explanation is simple: the project was launched by the Mosnang office of tourism. It cost nearly 85,000 euros, mostly provided by advertisers and private donors. After December 31, 2017, the pine branches will be used as firewood.

A symbol of the wait for the Light of the World is thus sabotaged by tourism, to get the town talked about (world record), organize food stands (raclette) and amusement (skating rink), and even recycle the wood ecologically. May the 300 volunteers who worked on this giant Advent wreath remember the spiritual meaning of the Savior’s Birth!