Zurich: inauguration of a Buddhist temple

Source: FSSPX News


During an “open day” on May 18, visitors will be able to discover the 135 square meter meditation room. Among its 17 (soon 19) statues, from India and Nepal, the most imposing weighs one ton, and is 2.1 meters high. It is a representation of the historical Buddha, Buddha Shakyamuni.

Archbishop Michael Fitzgerald, the new president of the Council for Interreligious Dialogue, addressed his first message to the Buddhists. He invited them to unite with Catholics “in favor of world peace”. He took the liberty of drawing a parallel between the recitation of the Rosary and that of the mala which, for the Buddhists, “is used in order to go beyond the 108 non-purified desires, in order to reach the state of Nirvana.” “In spite of essential differences in their form and content, because of our different doctrines and practices,” these two practices, explained Archbishop Fitzgerald, incline us to simple prayer, profound and full of meaning” and lead those who practice it, “to experience peace and to work for peace.”