Zurich: Satanist Vandalism Against the “March for Life”

Source: FSSPX News

The Church of the Sacred Heart in Oerlikon

Satanist tags have been affixed to the walls of the Church of the Sacred Heart located in Zurich. On September 17, 2022, Bishop Marian Eleganti, former auxiliary bishop of the diocese of Chur, celebrated a Mass there as part of the “March for Life.” The demonstration was disrupted by counter-protesters.

Satanic tags

The number 666 as well as the English word “BURN” were painted in red paint on the entrance wall of the Church of the Sacred Heart. The act was also claimed by the anarchist group barrikade.info, to protest against the “March for Life,” organized on September 17 in Zurich.

The Mass itself was not disturbed. The celebration was originally planned in the Church of Our Lady in Zurich, but as it was the target of vandalism, it was moved to Oerlikon. The vandals had written: “No place for tradis! 17.09. to c… for life”.

The security deployment was at Sacred Heart Church. This church regularly hosts Masses by the Fraternity of St. Peter. Bishop Eleganti insisted in his sermon on the need to speak up for those who cannot express themselves, such as unborn children.

While the Mass had proceeded without incident, the “March for Life” experienced disruptions. Several hundred pro-life supporters marched through Zurich on this occasion. The police tried to avoid any encounters with the counter-protesters.

Before the start of the demonstration, the police surrounded about 50 of them. The police arrested eight people, in particular for carrying a prohibited weapon and obstructing the accomplishment of an authorized act. According to the statement, police used rubber bullets and tear gas to stop a group of counter-protesters.

The demonstration was also disrupted by two “undercover” counter-protesters who claimed to want to express regret following an abortion. But once on stage, one of them defended the right of women to dispose of their bodies, and criticized the popular initiative “La nuit porte conseil,” [take a night to consider], which wants to introduce a day of reflection before any termination of pregnancy. .

The initiative was launched last December by SVP national councilors Andrea Geissbühler (BE) and Yvette Estermann (LU) and is still at the stage of collecting signatures. The “undercover” speaker finally kissed the woman she had arrived with on stage, before being removed by the organizers.

With a little delay, the authorized procession finally started. According to the organizers, around 1,000 people took part on a shortened route. According to a press release, the police arrangement to avoid a confrontation was massive. The police even deployed a helicopter. They also carried out numerous identity checks.

The “March for Life” took place in 2022 for the 12th time. The organizers are mostly from evangelical backgrounds, but a number of Catholics participate.