Another Success for Viktor Orban: Soros’ University in Budapest Closed

Fuente: FSSPX News

Founded in 1991 by the American Jewish millionaire George Soros, the university will be moving to Vienna for next school year (2019). Soros’ followers lament “a dark day for academic freedom”. A victory for the Hungarian Prime Minister who once again proves to be a protector of the values of Christian Europe.

The news was made official on December 3, 2018. The president of the Central European University founded by George Soros, denounced in a press conference the “unprecedented fact” that an “American institution is being expelled from a country that is a member of NATO.” 

The establishment was affected by a law adopted in April 2017 by the Hungarian Parliament, obliging foreign universities present in Hungary to have a campus in their home country.

In order to comply, the university signed an agreement with the Bard College in New York, but the Hungarian government refused to sign the approval it needed to continue its activities. The transfer to Vienna for 2019 will apply to the international programs.

For the past several years, George Soros has been placing his fortune built in the financial market at the service of an ideology that seeks to “destroy European civilization”, recalled the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. With his foundation Open Society, the billionaire generously finances associations that promote the “culture of death” and stateless, libertarian and anti-Christian globalism.