Precious Blood, Wellspring of Grace and Blessings, Have Mercy on Us!

Fonte: FSSPX News

We must first see in what the royal rights of the Precious Blood are founded. The Precious Blood ministers to all the perfections of God. It is the one grand satisfaction of His justice.

It is one of the most excellent inventions of His wisdom. It is the principal feeder of His glory. It is the repose of His purity. It is the delight of His mercy. It is the participation of His power.

It is the display of His magnificence. It is the covenant of His patience. It is the reparation of His honor. It is the tranquility of His anger. It is the imitation of His fruitfulness. It is the adornment of His sanctity. It is the expression of His love.

But, above all, it ministers to the dominion of God. It is a conqueror and conquers for Him.

It invades the kingdom of darkness and sweeps whole regions with its glorious light. It humbles the rebellious, and brings home the exiles, and reclaims the aliens.

It pacifies; it builds up; it gives laws; it restores old things; it inaugurates new things.

It grants amnesties; and dispenses pardons; and it wonderfully administers the kingdom it has wonderfully reconquered. It is the crown, the scepter, and the throne of God’s invisible dominion.

The dominion of God is part of His invisible beauty; but the Precious Blood is the scarlet mantle of His eternal royalty.