France Against the Zombies

Source: FSSPX News

Demographic decline, moral decadence, deterioration of literature and the it is politically incorrect to establish a link between these realities. The dominant idea is that there cannot be a link of cause and effect between behaviors that have again become barbaric, a suicidal demography, and a literary culture returning to a wasteland state.

We gain little reassurance by saying that there are there disparate elements there, distinct sequences, not logical consequences. Miscellaneous facts, but no effects nor causes.

However, since 1947, Bernanos observed in La France contre les robots [France Against Robots]: “We are not witnessing the natural end of a great human civilization, but the birth of an inhuman civilization which could only be established thanks to a vast, immense, universal sterilization of the high values of life.”

He established a link between “a sterilization of the high values of life” and “the birth of an inhuman civilization.” In the same work, he stated: “We understand absolutely nothing about modern civilization if we do not admit, first of all, that it is a universal conspiracy against any kind of interior life.”

In 2024, is France still against robots? There is room for doubt. We know the words of the revolutionaries who had Lavoisier the chemist guillotined in 1794: “The Republic has no need for scientists!” Their successors go further: cancel culture has no need for French history.

This revolution does not guillotine, it erases Christian civilization, then is surprised at the proliferation of “incivilities.” It legalizes divorce and contraception, it constitutionalizes the death of innocents, then is astonished at the demographic collapse.

In the century of Joan of Arc, a chancellor demonstrated his Marian devotion in an admirable painting; the arts were flourishing. Certainly it was not paradise on earth, but the city of men then tended with all its strength toward another city, superior and eternal. Men knew that without faith in God, there is no human law that holds.

Seeing purchasing power alone as the infallible indication of French morality is to condemn the French as nothing but consumers. It is to offer them economic growth as an unsurpassable horizon, nothing beyond and nothing above. It is making them robots and even zombies, without personality, without will, malleable and manipulable at will.

A civilization that rejects its past dies like a tree without roots. Demographic vitality needs moral vigor and a radiant culture. For Christianity to be reborn, it must be proud of the treasures of its heritage, of the faith of those who built the cathedrals and who were themselves spiritually elevated by those vaults of stone and those windows of light.

Fr. Alain Lorans