Timid Awakening to the Transgender Drift

Source: FSSPX News

Will Sweden begin to take the measure of the drift represented by transgenderism? It is difficult to say without qualification. Still, the most prestigious hospital in the country, having been the first to recognize the “rights” of transgender people, is beginning to doubt.

In an excellent article entitled “Transgender: at the source of a societal delirium,” the magazine Valeurs Actuelles describes the birth and progression of this ideology, one of the Trojan horses of the LGBT cause.

The author rightly points out that the cause of such a negation of the real “is to be found in ideology. In this case, transsexualism is the most advanced form of domination of the mind over the body, and in this it is actively promoted by those who hold a vision of man freed from biological constraints,” in other words, transhumanism.

The author continues: “The philosopher Olivier Rey demonstrates in his book Leurre et malheur du transhumanisme [Delusion and Tragedy of Transhumanism] how the ‘exit from sexing’ is at the heart of the transhumanist enterprise.

The philosophical foundation is to be found in Judith Butler, a feminist imbued with existentialism. This philosophy wants to show the preeminence of our choices and our freedom over our nature. This implies that human freedom must be able to transform everything at will.

This implies, according to the proponents of this gender theory, that there must be a distinction  between sex and gender. The first relates to our materiality: our chromosomes; while the second is considered as a social construct imposed on the sexes. Freedom implies that a person can change this construct to claim a gender opposite one’s sex. The individual can therefore choose, according to his perceptions and his deep feelings, the gender that corresponds to him. Or even not owning any.

The misfortune is that these ramblings, considered as “the ultimate transgression,” have received the support of the LGBT movement, which sees them as a justification, but also and above all, that of “the law.”

This is how the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in 2017 required the states to authorize changes in the civil registry, independently of biological change.

They have gone so far as to request the issuance of new birth certificates, to erase the reference to the initial sex. But the delirium does not stop there: the Council of Europe invites states “to include a third gender option on the identity papers, for those who claim it.”

As an article in Figaro notes, “Sweden was the first in the world, in 1972, to recognize ‘gender dysphoria,’ the discomfort caused by the mismatch between a person’s biological sex and his gender identity, and to provide the possibility of making this transition official in the civil registry.”

And as a result, it was the first country “to offer care to comfort transgender people in their process: to become a man when they are born female, or vice versa.” And since they couldn’t do things by halves, all treatments are taken care of in public clinics, from the age of 16. And from the age of 18, the administration authorizes genital surgery.

However, and as medical prudence could predict, the system spun out of control. While there were very few cases before, currently there is an explosion. Sven Roman, a child psychiatrist who consults all over Sweden, observes: “In 2001, only 12 people under the age of 25 were diagnosed ... in 2018, it was 1859.”

“All teens are affected, but especially girls aged 13 to 17 who want to become boys: between 2008 and 2018, the increase in this bracket has been 1,500%. In Sweden there are now more girls than boys receiving testosterone!”

As again noted in the Figaro article: “The same goes for surgical operations. According to Professor Mikael Landén, author of a thesis on transsexualism, on average only 12 people per year requested a sex change in the years 1972-1992 ... Today, there are more than 2,000.”

And, what was so predictable for any doctor: these patients often suffer from other psychiatric disorders like autism, depression, anxiety, anorexia nervosa.

Return to a little more discernment

In March 2021, the prestigious Karolinska hospital, a pioneer in dysphoria, decided to refuse hormonal treatment to new underage patients. “It invokes the principle of precaution and is based on a compilation of studies showing that there is no evidence of the effectiveness of these irreversible treatments on the well-being of patients,” writes Le Figaro.

And it adds, last but not least, that “taking these hormones for life could also promote cardiovascular disease, certain cancers, osteoporosis, and thrombosis.” No less!

It is gratifying to see that reason is returning somewhat to this field, especially among those who are confronted with it in the medical field, and who have all the data necessary to realize the aberration of this unhealthy wave.